Patient Charter



We undertake to:
Treat you with dignity, respect and compassion at all times.
Provide the same core services irrespective of your gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or physical or learning disability.
Provide you with advice and treatment in a timely manner.
Help you to make decisions about your health by treating you as an equal.
Discuss what treatment is available and with your permission refer you on to other experts where necessary.
If you have undergone tests or X-rays ordered by the practice, follow up any abnormal results and treat as necessary.
Act as your advocate and guide through health and social services.
With your permission, involve your family carer(s) or advocates in services we provide for you.
Maintain confidentiality in what we discuss and the records we keep on your behalf.
Tell you how to make a complaint or compliment, without affecting any services we provide for you.
Provide opportunities for you to feedback your views on the services we provide.
Keep up to date with development in healthcare by continuing to learn.
Be honest, open and act with integrity.
Support our staff and encourage training and personal development.
Maintain our premises and equipment to a high standard with health, safety and security being paramount.

In return we ask you to:
Keep your appointments, or let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to.
Behave in a socially acceptable manner at all times.
Tell us if you have any special requirements.
Let us know if you change your name, address or telephone number.
Let us know if you have any suggestions or cause for complaint as soon as possible.
Let us know when we have done well.
Take personal responsibility for maintaining your own good health.