Sugar Smart

Get Sugar Smart for 2016 with the new campaign from Change 4 Life!

Change for Life has launched its new campaign for 2016: Sugar Smart!

Change for Life have created a smartphone app, a webpage, videos and posters packed with information all about the hidden sugar in our diets.

Whether you are a sugar addict or not, the Sugar Smart campaign will open your eyes to just how much sugar we can consume without even realising it! Watch the videos below and check out the Sugar Smart Webpage to find out more about this exciting new campaign and how it can help you change for life!

Drinks Swaps


There are a lot of foods that we assume are healthy, but don’t be fooled by clever advertising and appealing packaging – always read the label and check before you buy!

Sugar Swap 1


Got a sweet tooth? Find out all about Sugar Smart Pudding Swaps by watching the video below!