Get Active

Being active doesn’t have to mean spending hours on the treadmill…

Getting Active is all about setting realistic goals and working towards long term changes, there is no point going to the gym every day for a week and then never going back. An active lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean being a gym bunny, it means doing the right amount of exercise for your individual circumstances, and gradually building on that until it becomes a habit.

TOP TIP: Try something new! If you hate running then don’t sign yourself up for a 10K, try a new activity instead, you are much more likely to form habits for life if you do something you enjoy. Dance classes, local sports teams, walking, swimming, gardening, martial arts, rock climbing and Zumba (to name a few) are all great activities to get you started, and if you try something and don’t like it then pick something else and give that a go instead!

To get started, take a look at the Change for Life website. Pick whatever takes your fancy, pop your postcode in and see what’s available in your area.

Interested in conservation? Why not try a Green Gym activity? Do something good for the planet and get yourself outside and active at the same time! Visit The Conservation Volunteers for more information.