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A cancer diagnoses can be a frightening and lonely time, but there are many avenues of support available both nationally and locally. At Ireland Wood and Horsforth Medical Practice (which includes both the Ireland Wood and New Croft sites) we want to ensure that all patients have access to useful information about where to get help.

In the Cancer Awareness section of our website, you will find information on the most common forms of cancer, advice on how to reduce your own risk of developing cancer in the future, and support information for not only those who have been diagnosed but also for family and friends of those living with the disease.
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What is Cancer?

Cancer is caused by the division and multiplication of abnormal cells in the body, and sometimes these abnormal cells travel causing the cancer to spread. Click here to read more about what cancer is and about the different types of cancer at the MacMillan Website.

Who gets Cancer?

Anyone can develop cancer at some stage in their lives, and it is important to know and understand the signs of cancer as the earlier the diagnosis the better. Read the Macmillan leaflet Signs and Symptoms of Cancer for more information.

Most Common forms of Cancer

In the UK the four most common types of cancer to be diagnosed are:

Breast Cancer
Lung Cancer
Bowel Cancer
Prostate Cancer
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We have also created links for less common forms of cancer and will continue adding information to this section of the website as often as we can, click the links below to access:

Cervical Cancer
Testicular Cancer
Ovarian Cancer

Reducing your risk

There is no sure way of completely eradicating the chance of developing cancer, but there are things you can do to reduce the risk such as maintaining a healthy weight and eating a balanced diet. Find out more about how to reduce your risk by visiting the Reduce My Risk page of our website which also includes more detailed information on spotting the signs and symptoms of cancer.


Each of the dedicated pages on our website contain details of support services available for specific types of cancer; if you visit our Cancer Support Page you will see these along with local services and information to help you get the support you need. These support networks are not limited to healthcare, they include counselling services, support for families, financial support and more. If you know of any local services that have helped you or someone you know and think that we should add their contact details to the website, email us at (please note this email address will not accept requests for appointments, prescriptions etc. and is designed for website related requests only).   

Local Statistics

Ireland Wood and Horsforth Medical Practice is located in the Leeds West region, where early diagnosis for emergency presentation statistics are above the national average, however there is a higher prevalence of some forms of cancer and this is why it is so important to reduce your risk, know the signs and to come and seek medical advice if you are concerned. If you are worried about your risk of developing cancer or are concerned that you may have cancer, come and see your GP. 

You can find detailed information by visiting the Leeds West page of Cancer Research UK, click here to be redirected to their website.


There are many charities in the UK set up to raise money for those living with cancer, and they need your support. Whether it is growing a moustache for Movember to running a Race for Life or simply wearing a yellow ribbon for Child Cancer Awareness Month you can get involved. Have a look through the links below to learn more about the charities out there who need your support:

Race for Life
Marie Curie
Cancer Research UK

If you would like a Charity’s website adding to the list, email us at (please note this email address will not accept requests for appointments, prescriptions etc. and is designed for website related requests only).

Cancer Awareness Calendar

See below a calendar of the awareness months that run throughout the year (click the picture for a better view):

Cancer Awareness Calendar

See below links to all of our Cancer Awareness Pages:

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