Making Appointments


Making appointments can sometimes be difficult. A few simple tips can make it easier. We offer routine appointments several weeks ahead for all the doctors and nurses.

First of all ask yourself: do I really need an appointment? If you just need a sick note, a simple prescription request or a form completing this doesn’t usually require an appointment. If you give the receptionist the details we will try to deal with your request in other ways. 

Sometimes it is more appropriate for you to have an appointment with another member of the practice or community team rather than a doctor. For example, routine blood pressure checks, oral contraceptive checks and holiday vaccinations are all done by our practice nurses.

If you have Internet access, the easiest way of making an appointment is by using our on-line services. You need to register for this service first. Ask at the reception desk for an application form. When booking on-line please make sure that you book for the New Croft Surgery and not for our sister surgery in Ireland Wood. We have two Dr Robinsons in the practice; Dr Mark Robinson at the New Croft Surgery and Dr Paul Robinson at Ireland Wood. 


 Our website address is:

Most people still make an appointment by telephone. If possible try not to ring first thing on Monday morning as this is the busiest time and it is likely you will have to wait in a queue to be answered. Quieter times are in the afternoons and on days other than Mondays.

You may make an appointment with any of the doctors at your surgery but please try to see the same doctor for the same problem; see “continuity of care” section.

If you wish to see a particular doctor, be sure to book the appointment in good time. The doctor can make the next follow up appointment for you at the time of your consultation.

We offer routine appointments up to a month ahead for each doctor but if you need to see a doctor within 48hrs for a more urgent problem we cannot guarantee you will see a particular doctor. We also offer commuter surgeries in the evening and early mornings; see the practice website for a full timetable.

Remember also that you can ask for a male or female doctor if you prefer.

Telephone appointments

We now offer routine bookable telephone appointments. These are particularly useful if you work and find it difficult to get to the surgery in office hours. Obviously it would not be suitable if the doctor needs to examine you, but for follow up appointments or medication reviews they are very useful and popular.

Ring to make an appointment in the usual way. You will be asked to give us a telephone number where the doctor will ring you at your appointed time. This could be your home, work or even a mobile number. The doctor may ask you questions which would be embarrassing to answer in a crowded office so please make sure you have a private area where you can take the call if necessary.


If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, please ring and tell us as soon as possible so we can book another patient into that space. Unfortunately we still get quite a few patients who don’t turn up for their appointments; sometimes over a 100 each month.  Obviously this is a sad waste of the doctor’s time and may lead to longer waits to see a doctor.

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