“Continuity of Care”- making sure you see the right doctor


Often medical problems will require several visits to the doctor to check on progress, or for the results of tests etc.

If you see a doctor for a new problem it is better to see that same doctor for any follow up consultations. This is called “continuity of care” and is something that is very important in general practice. It makes good sense to see the same doctor each time for the same problems as the doctor will know better than other doctors the details of the problem and why for example tests have been ordered. They will also have seen letters from the specialist that other doctors have not. If you see a different GP for a follow up, he/she will probably need to go over your history and treatment up to now. All this will take up valuable time in the consultation.


Home visits are reserved for people who are too ill to get to the surgery. If you feel you may need a home visit please ring the surgery as soon as possible in the day. The doctor may phone you for more details to assess your problem.

If you ring after 12 midday, you may be visited by a doctor from our sister surgery at Ireland Wood. Information from this visit will be passed onto your own doctor.